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LICENSING: If you're interested in licensing a specific track from the Sony Pictures Music Library, simply send us a request and include the project details below. A licensing professional will contact you shortly.

Project Details:
•      Licensee
•      Project Title
•      Project Synopsis

  • •      Requested Song Title
  • •      Scene Description
  • •      Length of Use
  • •      Term of License (License start and end date)
  • •      Territory where the Project will be distributed
  • •      Media where the Project will be distributed
  • •      Total Production Budget
  • •      Total Music Budget


MUSIC SEARCHES: If you need music for your project, but are not sure where to start, we can help you sort through our repertoire to find the perfect selection. Just tell us about your project and the type of music you are seeking. We will hand pick selections catered to your specific needs.

EMAIL LIST: Are you a music professional and interested in receiving promotional emails from Sony Pictures Music Library?


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